Teleportation Device

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Introduced:  Reforging the Past Related Quests:  Facility Hub Quests Updated:  Master of Design, Balance of Power
Teleportation Device
Teleportation Device Icon.png
Value: 5
Burden: 50

Spells: Facility Hub

Properties: Attuned, Bonded

Wield requires level 10
Activation requires None
Spellcraft: 200
Mana: 300
Mana Cost: 1 point per 1 seconds.

A simple orb used to cast a portal sending spell on the owner. When you touch the orb you get the sense of a message, it feels like someone wants to meet you.

Target yourself while wielding this orb and cast its innate spell to portal to its predetermined location.



Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "It has also been requested that I start handing out these orbs."
Flinrala Ryndmad gives you Teleportation Device.
You give Flinrala Ryndmad Teleportation Device.
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "You'd rather cast this spell on your own?"
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "Well I can't argue with that."

Update History

Master of Design
  • Can now give the orb back to the Society Agent to learn the Facility Hub Recall spell instead.

Balance of Power

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