Silifi of Crimson Stars Quest

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Silifi of Crimson Stars Quest Silifi of Crimson Stars Quest
Level: 10
Type: Solo
Starts With: Leikotha
Starts At: Leikotha's Crypt at 10.1S, 31.3E
Route/Shortcut: Samsur
Repeat Timer: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. From Samsur, take the Yinar portal at 0.8S, 18.9E and run to Leikotha's Crypt at 10.1S 31.3E. Once inside, Speak to Leikotha to obtain a Broken Haft Icon.png Broken Haft.
  2. Run to the house at 1.7S, 36.6E, Hand your Broken Haft to Kayna bint Iswas to receive a Repaired Haft Icon.png Repaired Haft and the text, Notes on the Silifi Icon.png Notes on the Silifi.
  3. Find an appropriate Armoredillo Spine and attach it to the Repaired Haft to create a Silifi of Crimson Stars. (Heavy Weapon skill check).
    • Note: If you fail to attach the spine, you will end up with a Broken Haft. Bring it back to Kayna bint Iswas to have her repair it again.


  1. Choose 3 Rubies and attach them to your Silifi of Crimson Stars to add spells to it. Any rubies you don't use can be handed to Leikotha for an experience reward.
  2. Weapon Upgrade: Complete the Silifi of Crimson Night Quest to gain a 4th gem that gives your axe improved attack modifier, speed and the Crushing Blow and Resistance Cleaving properties. It also increases the weapons spells to level VII.

The Ruby Al-Khur

Spell: Blood Drinker VI

  1. The The Ruby Al-Khur Icon.png Ruby Al-Khur is located in the Sylsfear Dungeon at 11.0N, 14.7E.
  2. Weathered Red Key required. Once in the dungeon take the first passage to your left and hug the right wall. Ignore all the side passages sticking to the main path until you reach a split.
  3. Take the left passage and use the withered key on the door. In the large room take the northwest door and kill Wari al Sha'im for the ruby.

The Ruby Yujazik

Spell: Fire Protection Self VI

  1. The The Ruby Yujazik Icon.png Ruby Yujazik is located in a Skeleton Tent point of interest.
  2. The ruby is dropped by the Skeleton Lord here.

The Ruby Sulmada

Spell: Coordination Self VI

  1. The The Ruby Sulmada Icon.png Ruby Sulmada is located in the Amiantos Bethel.
  2. Once you portal in, turn to your left and notice the lever on the wall. This lever opens the timed door that gives access to the Skeleton Lord and the ruby.
  3. When ready pull the lever and head east - jump down and take the southeast passage. Go left in this room and north down the ramp in the third room, you should now be in a room with bridges.
  4. Jump down below the bridge to the south and hug the right wall up a ramp and hopefully through the wooden doors before they have shut.

The Ruby Mahwan

Spell: Defender VI

  1. The The Ruby Mahwan Icon.png The Ruby Mahwan is located in the Grievous Vault.
    • Route: Run straight to the dungeon at 5.8S, 27.3E from Uziz.
  2. From the drop head past the portal and jump down into the side openings. Head north and then west through the wooden doors and take the ramp to your immediate right.
  3. Follow the passage around and jump down into the east pit. Then take the third passage to the north and around before jumping into another pit. From here, go west through the doors and jump down, you will see a level to your right and the final pit.
  4. Make sure that you pull the lever before jumping down. Quickly head northeast past the portal into the room with the Greater Mu-miyah, kill it and loot the ruby.

The Ruby Al-Shajar

Spell: Lightning Protection Self VI

  1. The The Ruby Al-Shajar Icon.png Ruby Al-Shajar is located in a Skeleton tomb point of interest.
  2. Head down the stairs and go left down a level then up again, the ruby is found on the Skeleton Lord.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Sylsfear Dungeon 11.0N, 14.7E -- 01D7
Amiantos Bethel 16.3S, 35.1E -- 0113
Grievous Vault 25.8S, 27.3E -- 0189


Give Repaired Haft to Leikotha
Experience: 10,000 (Fixed)
Give an unwanted ruby to Leikotha
Experience: 25,000 (Fixed)



Update History

Thorns of the Hopeslayer
  • Quest introduced.

The Slumbering Giant

  • Leikotha changed from a creature to an NPC.
  • Leikotha now gives the Broken Haft directly instead of protecting it as a creature.
  • Newer Hoary and Plate Armoredillo spines can now be used as axe blades.
  • Any unneeded parts can now be handed to Leikotha for experience.

Come What Follows

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
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