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Introduced:  Shining Runes and Shadowed Hands Related Quests:  Faction Quests Updated:  The Price of Loyalty, From the Darkest Depths, Gears of Change, Master of Arms, Soulless Sisters, The Risen Princess
Skill Princely Runed Weapons Royal Runed Weapons Red Rune Silveran Weapons
Magic Princely Runed Slashing Baton Icon.png Princely Runed Slashing Baton Royal Runed Slashing Baton Icon.png Royal Runed Slashing Baton Red Rune Slashing Silveran Wand Icon.png Red Rune Slashing Silveran Wand
Missile Weapons Princely Runed Arbalest Icon.png Princely Runed Arbalest Royal Runed Arbalest Icon.png Royal Runed Arbalest Red Rune Silveran Crossbow Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Crossbow
Missile Weapons Princely Runed Dart Flinger Icon.png Princely Runed Dart Flinger Royal Runed Dart Flinger Icon.png Royal Runed Dart Flinger Red Rune Silveran Atlatl Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Atlatl
Missile Weapons Princely Runed War Bow Icon.png Princely Runed War Bow Royal Runed War Bow Icon.png Royal Runed War Bow Red Rune Silveran Bow Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Bow
Two Handed Combat Princely Runed Two Handed Corsesca Icon.png Princely Runed Two Handed Corsesca Royal Runed Two Handed Corsesca Icon.png Royal Runed Two Handed Corsesca Red Rune Silveran Greatsword Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Greatsword
Heavy Weapons Princely Runed Bastone Icon.png Princely Runed Bastone Royal Runed Bastone Icon.png Royal Runed Bastone Red Rune Silveran Staff Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Staff
Heavy Weapons Princely Runed Partizan Icon.png Princely Runed Partizan Royal Runed Partizan Icon.png Royal Runed Partizan Red Rune Silveran Spear Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Spear
Heavy Weapons Princely Runed Poniard Icon.png Princely Runed Poniard Royal Runed Poniard Icon.png Royal Runed Poniard Red Rune Silveran Dagger Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Dagger
Light Weapons Princely Runed Flamberge Icon.png Princely Runed Flamberge Royal Runed Flamberge Icon.png Royal Runed Flamberge Red Rune Silveran Sword Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Sword
Light Weapons Princely Runed Mazule Icon.png Princely Runed Mazule Royal Runed Mazule Icon.png Royal Runed Mazule Red Rune Silveran Mace Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Mace
Finesse Weapons Princely Runed Knuckles Icon.png Princely Runed Knuckles Royal Runed Knuckles Icon.png Royal Runed Knuckles Red Rune Silveran Claw Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Claw
Finesse Weapons Princely Runed Dolabra Icon.png Princely Runed Dolabra Royal Runed Dolabra Icon.png Royal Runed Dolabra Red Rune Silveran Axe Icon.png Red Rune Silveran Axe


Princely Runed Weapons

Royal Runed Weapons

Red Rune Weapons

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