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Note: Unlike the known issues page, you should leave these on the page rather than removing them, and just put a fixed date if it gets fixed. This is because some of these are of historical significance and may be referred to elsewhere.

Title Screen Error.jpg
Lady Aerfalle's Apprentice Live.jpg
Tumerok Tent Error.jpg
Sho Hanging Painting Error.jpg
  • 38.0S, 84.E near hebian-to
  • Old Yanshi
  • 46.2N, 82.2W (Marae Lassel)
  • 52.7N, 88.3W (Marae Lassel)
  • 48.2N, 67.1W, large area (Marae Lassel)
  • 52.0N, 62.2E, exactly 1 ground texture square (Olthoi North)
Blooded Gold Invader Lord Helm Error.jpg
Drop Marker Live.jpg

Snake Skin Coat Live.jpg

Exquisite Elari Wood Bow (Corrupt Texture Comparison) Live.jpg

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