Empowered Bracers of the Perfect Light

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Introduced:  Recollections Related Quests:  Black Death Catacombs Quiddity Seed Quest
Empowered Bracers of the Perfect Light
Empowered Bracers of the Perfect Light Icon.png
Value: 20,000
Burden: 150

Covers Lower Arms

Armor Level: 170 (670)
Slashing: Below Average (85) (1005)
Piercing: Below Average (85) (1005)
Bludgeoning: Below Average (85) (1005)
Fire: Below Average (85) (1005)
Cold: Below Average (85) (1005)
Acid: Below Average (85) (1005)
Electric: Below Average (85) (1005)
Nether: Average (170) (670)

Spells: Coordination Other Incantation, Rejuvenation Other Incantation, Minor Coordination, Empyrean Aegis, Greater Bludgeoning Durance, Greater Piercing Durance, Greater Slashing Durance, Greater Decay Durance, Greater Consumption Durance, Greater Stasis Durance, Greater Stimulation Durance

Properties: Attuned, Bonded, Ivoryable

Wield requires level 130
Activation requires None
Spellcraft: 400
Mana: 10,000
Mana Cost: 1 point per 2 seconds.

A set of bracers forged from Thaumaturgic Plate Crystal, and then imbedded with spells by Aserhon himself. This piece of armor resonates with the two other pieces of its set, generating more powerful spells as the pieces are worn together.

Empowered Bracers of the Perfect Light


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