Weeping Weapons

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Introduced:  Heart of Woe Related Quests:  Heart of Innocence Quest, Elemental Caverns Quest Updated:  Visions In The Darkness, Master of Arms, The Risen Princess
Skill Weapon Cast Weeping Weapons
Heart of the Innocent Icon.png Flaming Elemental Pool Icon.png Freezing Elemental Pool Icon.png Acidic Elemental Pool Icon.png Electric Elemental Pool Icon.png
Magic Weeping Wand Cast Icon.png Weeping Wand Cast Weeping Wand Icon.png N/A N/A N/A N/A
Missile Weapons Weeping Atlatl Cast Icon.png Weeping Atlatl Cast Weeping Atlatl Icon.png N/A N/A N/A N/A
Missile Weapons Weeping Bow Cast Icon.png Weeping Bow Cast Weeping Bow Icon.png N/A N/A N/A N/A
Missile Weapons Weeping Crossbow Cast Icon.png Weeping Crossbow Cast Weeping Crossbow Icon.png N/A N/A N/A N/A
Two Handed Combat Weeping Two Handed Spear Cast Icon.png Weeping Two Handed Spear Cast Weeping Two Handed Spear Icon.png Flaming Weeping Two Handed Spear Icon.png Frozen Weeping Two Handed Spear Icon.png Acidic Weeping Two Handed Spear Icon.png Electric Weeping Two Handed Spear Icon.png
Heavy Weapons Weeping Claw Cast Icon.png Weeping Claw Cast Weeping Claw Icon.png Flaming Weeping Claw Icon.png Frozen Weeping Claw Icon.png Acidic Weeping Claw Icon.png Electric Weeping Claw Icon.png
Heavy Weapons Weeping Mace Cast Icon.png Weeping Mace Cast Weeping Mace Icon.png Flaming Weeping Mace Icon.png Frozen Weeping Mace Icon.png Acidic Weeping Mace Icon.png Electric Weeping Mace Icon.png
Light Weapons Weeping Axe Cast Icon.png Weeping Axe Cast Weeping Axe Icon.png Flaming Weeping Axe Icon.png Frozen Weeping Axe Icon.png Acidic Weeping Axe Icon.png Electric Weeping Axe Icon.png
Light Weapons Weeping Dagger Cast Icon.png Weeping Dagger Cast Weeping Dagger Icon.png Flaming Weeping Dagger Icon.png Frozen Weeping Dagger Icon.png Acidic Weeping Dagger Icon.png Electric Weeping Dagger Icon.png
Finesse Weapons Weeping Spear Cast Icon.png Weeping Spear Cast Weeping Spear Icon.png Flaming Weeping Spear Icon.png Frozen Weeping Spear Icon.png Acidic Weeping Spear Icon.png Electric Weeping Spear Icon.png
Finesse Weapons Weeping Staff Cast Icon.png Weeping Staff Cast Weeping Staff Icon.png Flaming Weeping Staff Icon.png Frozen Weeping Staff Icon.png Acidic Weeping Staff Icon.png Electric Weeping Staff Icon.png
Finesse Weapons Weeping Sword Cast Icon.png Weeping Sword Cast Weeping Sword Icon.png Flaming Weeping Sword Icon.png Frozen Weeping Sword Icon.png Acidic Weeping Sword Icon.png Electric Weeping Sword Icon.png


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