Dryreach Rescue

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Dryreach Rescue Dryreach Rescue
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts With: Yu Vuo-Ki
Starts At: 8.5S, 73.3E near Dryreach
Repeat Timer: 20 Hours
Exploration Society Icon.png Facility Hub Bonus
Item(s): Dansha-Ki's Ring
Show To: Warden (Dryreach)
Reward: 2,850,000xp
Level: 40+
Hub reward is once per character, nonrepeatable.


Help Yu Vuo-Ki locate her sister Dansha-Ki who has been captured by Tumeroks near Dryreach.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Before she will trust you to rescue her sister you must give her a Gold Tumerok Insignia Icon.png Gold Tumerok Insignia taken from the corpse of a Tumerok.
  2. Once you haven given Yu Vuo-Ki the Insignia, run to the building where Dansha-Ki is being kept at 9.0S, 73.7E.
  3. Speak to Dansha-Ki through the cage in the basement of the building and a Tumerok Guard will spawn.
  4. Kill the guard to get the Bone Engraved Key Icon.png Bone Engraved Key.
  5. Following Dansha's clue, run north to 6.3S, 73.6E, where you will find a tower with a locked door. Use the key to open the door and run to the upper level, where you will find Dansha-Ki's Belongings Icon.png Dansha-Ki's Belongings. Return the bag to Dansha-Ki now and she will give you your rewards before portal recalling to safety.

Dungeons & Maps

No quest dungeons.



  • Dansha-Ki's Gem of Portal Recall Icon.png
Dansha-Ki's Gem of Portal Recall
  • Dansha-Ki's Ring Icon.png
Dansha-Ki's Ring



Quest Rumors (Dryreach Beggars)

Binthura the Beggar tells you, "I don't want to beg, but I need money to buy food with.
You give Binthura the Beggar Pyreal
Binthura the Beggar tells you, "You are very kind...
Binthura the Beggar tells you, "Poor Dansha-Ki. She's gotten herself captured by Tumeroks again. Her sister, Yu Vuo-Ki, knows the details. I think Yu Vuo-Ki sometimes wanders the land to the northwest."

Opening Dialog

Yu Vuo-Ki tells you, "Can you help me? My sister went south headed towards Dryreach for some much needed supplies. She has not returned and I fear the Tumeroks may have captured her again. Kind soul, can you help find her for me? I'm really worried for her safety.
Yu Vuo-Ki tells you, "However, I can't just send anyone to rescue her. Bring me an insignia from a Tumerok to prove your strength. Then I'll trust you in saving my sister."

Handing in Gold Tumerok Insignia

You give Yu Vuo-Ki Gold Tumerok Insignia
Yu Vuo-Ki tells you, "Perhaps you can help me! My sister was last seen near the outskirts of Dryreach. Please find her for me. Time is of the essence! I'll give you thirty minutes to save her, otherwise I'll have to find her myself and hope I alone can rescue her."


Dansha-Ki tells you, "Quickly! Get out of this place before you end up like me!
Dansha-Ki tells you, "If you could find my sister Yu Vuo-Ki, please let her know of my situation
Dansha-Ki tells you, "I can't believe I let myself get caught by these Tumeroks again. You can't break me free from this cell, but if you can locate my belongings I can use my components to teleport myself away from here. The Tumeroks who took my belongings just left and were traveling north towards Dryreach. You need to hurry, not much time remains before they decide what to do with me...And I'm not sure if they will simply let me go this time.
Dansha-Ki tells you, "Shhhh! I think I hear someone coming!"

Showing Bone Engraved Key to Dansha-Ki

You allow Dansha-Ki to examine your Bone Engraved Key
Dansha-Ki tells you, "This key doesn't fit the lock! I wish I had my backpack, then I'd be able to escape. Find my backpack and return here with it. Then I'll have a chance to escape. I was captures near a tower at 6.3S, 73.6E."

Showing Dansha-Ki's Belongings to Yu Vuo-Ki

You allow Yu Vuo-Ki to examine your Dansha-Ki's Belongings
Yu Vuo-Ki tells you, "Oh no! You have to find Dansha-Ki and give this to her, otherwise there is no hope in seeing her return. Please hurry!

Handing in Dansha-Ki's Belongings

You give Dansha-Ki Dansha-Ki's Belongings
Dansha-Ki tells you, "You found my belongings! Now I can portal out of here without the tumeroks outside seeing me.
Dansha-Ki tells you, "I owe you a debt I can never fully repay. Please accept this ring and gem as a token of my appreciation. The ring was given to me by my father and has protected me on many occasions.
Dansha-Ki gives you Dansha-Ki's Ring
Dansha-Ki gives you Dansha-Ki's Gem of Portal Recall.

Update History

The Paths of Destruction
  • Quest introduced.

Reforging the Past

Stirrings in the Dark

  • NPCs no longer disappear waiting for quest to be completed.
  • Yu Vuo-Ki has been moved to 8.5S 73.3E.
  • The Tumerok Guard now spawns everytime you speak to Dansha-Ki.
  • Quest timer of 20 hours added to Dansha-Ki's Belongings.
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