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Introduced:  Release Related Quests:  The Forbidden Catacombs, Gaerlan's Citadel, Jester's Lost Marbles Updated:  Mired Hearts, Introductions
Door Icon.png
Value: ???
Burden: Unknown

A locked door, impossible to pick.
A door in the Forbidden Catacombs
A door in the Mhoire Armory


Weak to ??
Different Door Designs
Door (Aluvian) Icon.png
Aluvian Door Style
Door (Gharu'ndim) Icon.png
Gharu'ndim Door Style
Sliding Door (Sho) Icon.png
Sho (Sliding) Door Style
Door (Viamontian) Icon.png
Viamontian Door Style
Door (Aluvian) Live.jpg
Door (Gharu'ndim) Live.jpg
Sliding Door (Sho) Live.jpg
Door (Viamontian) Live.jpg
Door (Standard Dungeon) Icon.png
Standard Dungeon Style
Door (Reinforced) Icon.png
Reinforced Dungeon Style
Door (Iron Reinforced) Icon.png
Iron Reinforced Dungeon Style
Door (Falatacot) Icon.png
Falatacot Dungeon Style
Door (Standard Dungeon) Live.jpg
Door (Reinforced) Live.jpg
Door (Iron Reinforced) Live.jpg
Door (Falatacot) Live.jpg
Door (Grated) Icon.png
Grated Dungeon Style
Door Moarsmen Icon.png
Moarsmen Dungeon Style
Door Olthoi Icon.png
Olthoi Door Style
Door (Hub) Icon.png
Facility Hub Door Style
Door (Grated) Live.jpg
Door Moarsmen Live.jpg
Door Olthoi Live.jpg
Door (Hub) Live.jpg
Door (City of Neftet) Icon.png
City of Neftet Dungeon Style
File:Reinforced Door 2 Icon.png
Reinforced Door Dungeon Style
Door (Calignious Bethel) Icon.png
Caliginous Bethel Lower Door Dungeon Style
Door (City of Neftet) Live.jpg
Reinforced Door 2 Live.jpg
Caliginous Bethel Lower Door Live.jpg

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