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The Dereth Museum

The Dereth Museum is an ingame Housing Settlement on Frostfell used to display a large collection of items, some of which are Retired or Unique. One of the items in the museum is from the Asheron's Call Beta and only exists on the Frostfell server.

The Museum is located on the Frostfell server at the Mosswart Place Cottages settlement. You can get there by taking the settlement portal near Shoushi at 31.3S, 72.6E.

The original announcement made on ACVault by the Dereth Museum's creator, Damien Sarin:

"The Dereth Museum announces its grand opening Monday, January 17th, 2005! The brainchild of Damien Sarin, a long time Asheron's Call player on FF and the original author of the Aerlinthe Report, the museum makes available to the community many of Dereth's prized treasures.

Numerous volunteers have worked tirelessly for months ammassing the collection and creating elegant displays. The collection is divided into 16 exhibits, each housed in a cottage of Frostfell's Mosswart Place housing settlement.

Mosswart Place has a settlement portal just north of Shoushi at 31.3S, 72.6E, easily accessible to all. Anyone from any server can roll up a player on FF to visit! Admission to the museum is free.

Some of the exhibits include the Ixir Xi exhibit, showcasing items taken from the Blackmire temples; the Pack Toy exhibit; the Relics of Old exhibit, showcasing many of the game's retired items; and many more! The centerpiece of the museum is The Legacy Exhibit. Here you'll find many, if not most, of the unique one-per-server items from Frostfell. Among them are many of the Commemorate Bronze Statues, the Shendolain Soul Crystal Shield, the Staff of the Lightbringer, and the fabled Staff of the Weeping Witness, the prize awared to Caeryn Dryad for solving the Lost Prophecy puzzle in beta.

The museum's first event is a raffle sponsored by Damien Sarin. Tickets will be available for purchase from Damien beginning Monday, January 17th. The C notes raised in the raffle will go towards ongoing maintenance of the exhibits. Raffle details, including a list of prizes, can be found on the MuseumEvents page.

For more information about the Dereth Museum, visit the web site at (dead link) or send email to

Damien Sarin of FF, Museum Director
Curator of the Legacy Exhibit"


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  1. The Dereth Museum Grand Opening!
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