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Colosseum Arena Colosseum Arena
Level: Any
Type: Locked Fellowship
Starts With: Master Arbitrator
Starts At: Colosseum
Route/Shortcut: Yanshi to 11.3S, 37.6E
Time to Complete: 1 Hour
Repeat Timer: 1 Hour


Also known as "Colosseum Flagging", the first 5 arena's of the Colosseum are usually only accessed by younger toons and/or those who wish to flag to be able to do the Colosseum Bosses.

If you're interested in doing the tougher rooms beyond room 5, see the Advanced Colosseum Arena.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Exchange five MMDs or one tier 1/2 rare gem for a Colosseum Ticket Icon.png Colosseum Ticket from the Colosseum Ticket Vendor.
  2. Hand the ticket to the Master Arbitrator to flag the fellowship to enter the arena.
  3. Enter the Colosseum Arena using the door to the left of the Master Arbitrator.
  4. Progress through 5 rooms of the arena within 1 hour. See the room guide below to prepare for what creatures you will encounter in the standard arena.
  5. Warning: You must use the exit door to have completed a room. For example, killing the spawn in room 4 then using the door and entering room 5 counts as having beaten 4.
  6. Once your timer is up, speak to the Master Arbitrator to receive your rewards.

Rooms of the Colosseum Arena

Room Spawn Creatures
1 Spawn 1
Spawn 2
Room Spawn Creatures
2 Spawn 1
Spawn 2
Room Spawn Creatures
3 Spawn 1
Spawn 2
Room Spawn Creatures
4 Spawn 1
Spawn 2
Room Spawn Creatures
5 Spawn 1
Spawn 2

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Colosseum 11.3S, 37.6E -- --



Max XP Task
  • 10,000
 ??% up to level ?? Complete room 1
  • 50,000
 ??% up to level ?? Complete room 2
  • 100,000
 ??% up to level ?? Complete room 3
  • 150,000
 ??% up to level ?? Complete room 4
  • 200,000
 ??% up to level ?? Complete room 5
See Level Costs for per level information.


Title Task
  • Scrapper
Complete room 1
  • Arena Rat
Complete room 2
  • Arena Custodian
Complete room 3
  • Drudge Dread
Complete room 4
  • Contender
Complete room 5
See Category:Titles for a list of all available titles.


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Opening Dialog

Master Arbitrator tells you, "Welcome to Colosseum! Colosseum begins. Enter the Colosseum. This is the time for challenge. Be strong, and you will be rewarded."
Master Arbitrator tells you, "Here citizens from Habreous, Yalaini and Dericost match their skills against the greatest gladiators, warriors and mages in the Empire!"
Master Arbitrator tells you, "If you wish to fight as a gladiator in the Arena I will require you to purchase a ticket from the Ticket Vendors over there. We do need to keep the place running don't we?"
Master Arbitrator tells you, "Also, I warn you now. Prepare your fellowship ahead of time. Once you pay me you cannot change your registered group and only that group will be allowed into the Arena I assign you. After you enter the Arena you must wait one hour before recieving your reward. Our gladiators need time to rest between fights."

Update History

Rekindling the Light
  • Quest introduced.
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