Collegium Occultus Ring Quest

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Collegium Occultus Ring Quest Collegium Occultus Ring Quest
Level: 130
Type: Solo
Starts With: Olcris, Nuhmudira's Student
Starts At: 68.7N, 21.6W in Stonehold
Repeat Timer: 20 Hours



Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Give Olcris the trade note to receive a Knorr Portal Gem Icon.png Knorr Portal Gem.
  2. Complete the riddles from the Halls of Knorr:
    • A moth ate a word = Book
    • ... Empyrean steeped me in vats = Mead
    • A lonely wanderer = Kite Shield
  3. Go south and enter the Collegium Occultus Anteroom.
  4. Talk to Bailor, he'll give you a Broken Occultus Seal Icon.png Broken Occultus Seal.
  5. Give the seal to Roderick in the Mite Maze. (You will need the Lockpick skill to get to him.)
  6. Return to the Seat of Knorr and enter the Anteroom again.
  7. Talk to Bailor, he'll ask for a Void Crystal.
  8. Enter the Collegium Occultus portal Head Mostly South and East until you reach Master Malsivir.
  9. Defeat him and loot the Void Crystal Icon.png Void Crystal and Malsivir's Journal Icon.png Malsivir's Journal.
  10. Use the exit portal back down the hall you came down to return to Bailor and give him the Void Crystal. He'll give you the XP reward and hand back the crystal.
  11. Balior will tell you to hand the crystal to Harlune, you will however have to bring it to Roderick who says he is acting on Harlune's behalf.
  12. Give the Void Crystal to Roderick in the Mite Maze. He will give you Collegium Occultus Ring.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Seat of Knorr N/A -- 6444
Collegium Occultus N/A -- 0044




Max XP Task
  • 100,000,000
 ??% up to level ?? Hand in Void Crystal to Balior
See Level Costs for per level information.



Opening Dialog

Balior tells you, "A human entrant? Perhaps you are the one who can help. The sanctity of the Collegium Occultus has been violated, and my master has not responded. I discovered a broken seal that signals the presence of intruders."
Balior tells you, "Please take this broken seal and bring it to a knowledgeable Empyrean. In the absence of my master, I believe the only other extant Empyrean in Ireth Lassel is one who has secluded himself in a cave, in the northern mountains of the island. Bring the Broken Occultus Seal to that one, human."
Balior gives you Broken Occultus Seal.

Handing in Broken Occultus Seal

You give Roderick Broken Occultus Seal.
Roderick tells you, "Harlune told me that this might be a signal that there are intruders in Knorr. Ya gotta go to the golem Balior and help it out. Bring somethin' back to me and I'll see what I can do."

Returning to Balior

Balior tells you, "I am grateful that you found the one that you call Harlune and alerted him to the danger. Now you must take up arms against the intruders in the Collegium Occultus."
Balior tells you, "Go through this portal and seek out the one called Master Malsivir. He has looted a very dangerous artifact from the Collegium called the Void Crystal. There is no telling what kind of catastrophe could result if such foolish and short-sighted beings abused its powers."

Handing in Void Crystal to Balior

Balior tells you, "You have retrieved the crystal from the human despoiler. Please, give it to me."
You give Balior Void Crystal.
Balior tells you, "This is the artifact that was sought. I am empowered to reward you for this effort. But I cannot serve as the crystal's guardian. Please bring the crystal to Harlune. It has become his responsibility to safeguard the artifact."
You've earned 100,000,000 experience.
Balior gives you Void Crystal.
Balior tells you, "Please bring the Void Crystal to Harlune, the sole Empyrean currently extant on Ireth Lassel."

Handing in Void Crystal to Roderick

You give Roderick Void Crystal.
Roderick tells you, "Oh, yeah - Harlune told me what this is. I'll pass it along to him. He left word somethin' like this might appear. I'll pass it up, and Harlune'll keep it safe."
Roderick tells you, "Here's a reward for ya. Harlune didn't tell me where he got it from, so don't ask me!"
Roderick gives you Collegium Occultus Ring.

Update History

Ashes and Dust
  • Quest introduced.


Reforging the Past

  • XP reward increased from 9,000,000 to 45,000,000.

Learning From Experience

  • XP reward increased from 45,000,000 to 100,000,000.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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