Burun Liberator

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Burun Liberator Burun Liberator
Level: 150
Type: Solo
Starts With: Scout Leader Tmauruk
Starts At: Kor-Gursha on Bur
Route/Shortcut: Portal to Bur
Repeat Timer: 20 Hours


The Falatacot are abducting shamans of the Ruuk tribe in Kor-Gursha. Scout Leader Tmauruk will instruct you on the path to where they are being held captive and requests you bring back a broken lik of the chain binding them after you have freed them.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Take the Southern Catacombs portal in the tunnel east of Tmauruk. Stick right until you come to another portal, use the Rock next to the portal to enter the Upper Catacombs.
  2. See the map for the location of the statue that takes you to the Lower Catacomb. It is in the NE corner, the first door on the inner wall. Drop is safe.
  3. The first large room has several tunnels branching off from it, each tunnel passes by a Falatacot Prison Warden that drops a single use Lower Catacomb Prison Key Icon.png Lower Catacomb Prison Key. Following the warden are a series of prison cells with the final cell that is either empty or holds the NPC Burun Shaman of Kor-Gursha.
  4. If the NPC is there, use the key to open the Lower Catacomb Prison Door, the door can also be picked as it's 650 resistance (debuff first).
  5. If the cell is empty, return to the large room and try another tunnel. The shaman spawns randomly.
  6. Speak to the shaman to shatter his chain and free him. Several rings of the broken chain that held him will appear on the floor. Everyone take a Link of a Falatacot Chain Icon.png Link of a Falatacot Chain.
  7. Return to Kor-Gursha and give the link to Scout Leader Tmauruk for the xp and title rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Southern Catacombs N/A 00D4.jpg 00D4.jpg --
Upper Catacombs N/A 00CE.gif 00CE.gif --
Lower Catacomb N/A 006C.gif 006C.gif --



Max XP Task Repeat Max XP
  • 197,347,085
30% up to level 180 98,673,543 15% up to level 180 Hand in Link of a Falatacot Chain to Tmauruk
See Level Costs for per level information.


Title Task
  • Burun Liberator
Hand in Link of a Falatacot Chain to Tmauruk
See Category:Titles for a list of all available titles.



Opening Dialog

Scout Leader Tmauruk tells you, "Jurukka. I am Tmauruk, leader of the scouts of this tribe. While I would rather be away from the town scouting, Gruuklar has asked me to remain here and brief those of you who wish to help."
Scout Leader Tmauruk tells you, "Torgluuk has been rescued, but the bloodletters continue to abduct the other shamans of the tribe. Torgluuk wants me to continue instructing you Derethians how to find the upper catacomb so that they can be rescued."
Scout Leader Tmauruk tells you, "There is a rock in the southern catacombs, somewhat near the north of the top level cavern. If you push the rock aside, you'll find a very small corridor, impossible to see without knowing exactly what you are looking for."
Scout Leader Tmauruk tells you, "Bring the chains that bound the shaman to me as evidence of their freedom."

Burun Shaman of Kor-Gursha

Burun Shaman of Kor-Gursha says, "Thank you for freeing me. I have been a captive here for too long, but now I can return to guiding the Burun. Good luck in the future, friend. Scout Leader Tmauruk will want to speak with you when you return to Kor-Gursha."

Handing in Link of a Falatacot Chain to Scout Leader Tmauruk

You give Scout Leader Tmauruk Link of a Falatacot Chain.
You've earned 197,347,085 experience.
You have been given the title 'Burun Liberator'!
Scout Leader Tmauruk tells you, "Well done, finder! To have freed our people is a noble thing. We shall remember your deeds. If any more shamans are lost to the bloodletters, I will tell you."

Handing in Link of a Falatacot Chain to Scout Leader Tmauruk (Quest Repeats)

You give Scout Leader Tmauruk Link of a Falatacot Chain.
You've earned 98,673,543 experience.
Scout Leader Tmauruk tells you, "Again you aid us, finder! Our shamans owe you a debt of gratitude. But the bloodletters will :surely try to kidnap our shamans again in the future, and we may need your help again."

Update History

Rekindling the Light
  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.


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