Brogord's Demise

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Brogord's Demise Brogord's Demise
Level: 1-20
Type: Solo
Starts At: Holtburg
Repeat Timer: 20 Hours


Brogord the Forester helped fend off the invading Tumeroks in PY 6. He met his demise in the Cave of Alabree, located at 41.8N, 32.1E. One of his axes and a letter he wrote to his wife can still be found within, and his daughter Flinrala Ryndmad, found in the Helm and Shield, will reward you for them.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Proceed to the Cave of Alabree at 41.8N, 32.1E and locate Brogord's Axe Icon.png Brogord's Axe and the Letter to Ryndya Icon.png Letter to Ryndya.
  2. Return to Holtburg and present the axe and letter to Flinrala Ryndmad inside of the Inn at 42.1N 33.8E for experience rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Cave of Alabree 41.8N, 32.1E -- 0162



Max XP Task
  • 15,000
(Fixed) Brogord's Axe
  • 15,000
(Fixed) Letter to Ryndya
See Level Costs for per level information.


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Handing in Brogord's Axe

You give Flinrala Ryndmad Brogord's Axe.
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "You found one of my father's axes! Oh, thank you so much! You know, he was going to make me an axe of my own, as soon as I was big enough to hold one ..."
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "I'm sorry ... I just miss him still ..."
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "No, no, I'm okay ... Allow me to reward you. It's the least I can do, really." </font>
You've earned 15,000 experience.

Handing in Letter to Ryndya

You give Flinrala Ryndmad Letter to Ryndya.
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "What's this? A letter from my father to my mother? ... oh! And he wrote it in the Redoubt, as he was waiting for the end to come. This is ... I cannot speak ... It is so kind of you, to return this to me. To read his last words ..."
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "No, no, I'll be alright. It just overwhelms me sometimes, how much I miss him. I must reward you for this."
You've earned 15,000 experience.
Flinrala Ryndmad tells you, "You have been so kind to bring me this remembrance of my father, perhaps you can help my friend Alfrin, just over there by Worcer."

Update History

  • Quest introduced.

The Iron Coast

  • XP reward increased from 2,500 to 4,000.

The Calm

Learning From Experience

  • XP rewards increased from 10,000 to 15,000.
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