Baron's Amulet of Life Giving Quest

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Baron's Amulet of Life Giving Quest Baron's Amulet of Life Giving Quest
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 15+
Type: Solo
Starts At: Colier
Route/Shortcut: East wing of Facility Hub (speak to warden)
Repeat Timer: 20 Hours
Exploration Society Icon.png Facility Hub Bonus
Item(s): Baron's Amulet of Life Giving
Show To: Warden (Colier)
Reward: 175,000xp
Level: 15+
Hub reward is once per character, nonrepeatable.


Retrieve the Baron's coveted Amulet of Life Giver to increase your maximum health by 15 points.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Look for a two story building with a Banderling Raider Guardian inside. He drops the Small Rusted Key Icon.png Small Rusted Key.
  2. In another single story building isolated on the SW side of the town, is a Heavy Drudge Prowler that drops the Cell Key Icon.png Cell Key.
  3. Once you have your two keys, you're ready to enter the Colier Mines portal in the building basement in the middle of the town.
  4. From the drop use the Small Rusted Key to open the north door, and head north east and then west at the second split.
  5. You should now be in a room with a locked metal gate. Use the Cell Key to open it.
  6. Now go left and up and then due west, use the Cell Key again and the hall will bend to the south, kill the Undead Curator and loot the Scratched Key Icon.png Scratched Key off his corpse.
  7. Go back to the room where you first used the Cell Key. Head east along the passage through the room and turn left into the room with a Drudges and a lever. Pull the lever and run south through the door and jump down into the pit.
  8. From here head north east and then north at the cross section. You should end up in a room with a locked chest. Use the Scratched Key to unlock it and loot the Treasure Chest Key Icon.png Treasure Chest Key and The Baron's Key Icon.png The Baron's Key.
  9. Now go south at the cross and up the ramp. Head through the room with the Banderlings and jump down into the pit. You're now back in the prison cell area where you got the two keys earlier.
  10. From the pit, head south at the T and then west taking the second passage heading north down to first Cell Key door.
  11. From that Y intersection go east and down, you'll come to a 4 way intersection, go east then stick left until you come to another locked door (diff. 1000). Use The Baron's Key to open it.
  12. Past the door stick left, you'll go down twice then come to a large room with a hole in the middle of the floor, go down it. From this point stick right, you'll have to open another locked door with The Baron's Key.
  13. At the end is a large room where the Baron is at. The Baron's Amulet of Life Giving Icon.png Baron's Amulet of Life Giving (+15 Health) is inside the Treasure Chest in this room, use the Treasure Chest Key to open it.
  14. Optional: In this room on the floor are also Stones of Rez'arel. These are part of the Diemos Flagging or Crafting Golem quests and you can pick one up while you're here if you wish.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Colier Mines 56.8N, 38.3E -- 01AE





Facility Hub Warden

Warden tells you, "The town of Colier is now overrun and forsaken.
Warden tells you, "It was once a mining town, now the town belongs to banderlings and drudges. The Baron Colier and his miners are in the mine below and have joined the ranks of the undead.
Warden tells you, "In the town you recover two keys before you enter the dungeon. One from a Banderling Raider Guardian and a Heavy Drudge Prowler.
Warden tells you, "In the dungoen itself you'll find more keys amongst trusted undead and in a chest. Use these to access the Baron himself and recover his necklace.
Warden tells you, "Return to me with the necklace and I'll reward you.

Showing Baron's Amulet of Life" to the Warden

You allow Warden to examine your Baron's Amulet of Life Giving
You've earned 175,000 experience
Warden tells you, "The Colier mines were never built to be navigated. I'm impressed, you've come a long way.
Warden tells you, "This is the reward I promised you.

Update History

Taste of Twilight
  • Quest introduced.

Reforging the Past

  • Now one of the Facility Hub Quests (bonus reward).
  • All key droppers in the town of Colier now have unique names.
  • Increased number of uses for most keys.
  • Baron's key now found in chest with the Treasure Chest Key and not on the renamed Undead Miner.
  • Baron's Amulet of Life Giving updated.
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