Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest

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Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Quest
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts At: Redspire
Repeat Timer: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

Part 1: Tumerok Spear

  1. Speak to Bachus Flufens above the Redspire Bar, she will tell you about rumors of a Tumerok artifact and direct you to the Tumerok Cavern at 40.2N 84.7W. She will also give you Bachus Flufen's Journal Icon.png Bachus Flufen's Journal.
  2. Run west along the coast to the cavern. You will be portalled in to a room with 3 exits, one of which is the surface portal, take the west exit and head down the stairs.
  3. At the split go left down some more stairs leading to another split.
  4. From here take either the left or right passage and head north until you reach some more stairs down.
  5. At the split go either left or right to some metal doors.
  6. You will come in to a large open section with a Hea Warrior at the end near a wooden Tumerok Vault.
  7. Dispatch the Warrior and take his Vault Key (Tumerok Cavern) Icon.png Vault Key.
  8. Unlock the Tumerok Vault with the key and loot the Tumerok Spear Icon.png Tumerok Spear.
  9. Recall to Redspire and hand Bachus the spear.
  10. She will examine it and suggest you retrieve the 2nd part of the spear from a nearby Tumerok Cave at 41.7N, 82.5W.

Part 2: Wooden Tumerok Figurine

  1. Run over and enter the cave, you will portal into a room with 3 doors, take the south door.
  2. Hug the right wall until you reach a room shaped like an L. From this room take the north door.
  3. Take the stairs down and head right at the split.
  4. Hug the left wall through a door and into a small room.
  5. Take the east door out of this room and follow the the passage keeping to the left - ignore the next door.
  6. Go through the door to your east into a small room and leave through the door to the north.
  7. You should be near an exit portal, take the door opposite it to the east.
  8. Follow the passage down the stairs into a similiar area to that of the last dungeon.
  9. At the end of this area is a Hea Shaman defeat him and take his Vault Key (Tumerok Cave) Icon.png Vault Key.
  10. Use the key on the Tumerok Vault and take the Wooden Tumerok Figurine Icon.png Wooden Tumerok Figurine.
  11. Combine the Wooden Figurine with the Tumerok Spear to form Aun Tanua's War Taiaha Icon.png Aun Tanua's War Taiaha.
  12. Recall to Redspire. If you do not want your newly formed weapon you can return it to Bachus Flufens for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Tumerok Cavern 40.2N 84.7W -- 0292
Tumerok Cave 41.7N, 82.5W -- 0286




See Level Costs for per level information.



Opening Dialog

Bachus Flufens tells you, "Woe is me! As if it were not bad enough that I was driven out of my farm to the west by the Hea, now Varicci has taken over my town! Fortunately Micon and I are safe, but I must say that it has made it very difficult to continue my work."
Bachus Flufens tells you, "Have you heard of my work? I am researching rumors of a Tumerok artifact, of which the few hints I have discovered are quite unbelievable. They must hold that relic in high esteem indeed. A most fanciful folk, I must say! I heard that it is a legendary spear that they dismantled and enshrined in two separate caverns on the island. It once belonged to a warrior from an opposite faction, I believe. He tried to persuade them back to traditional ways, but they would have none of it. :Somehow they dispatched him but retained his spear...which is supposed to have some sort of magical, "living" properties to it. I'm not quite sure what to believe."
Bachus Flufens tells you, "Perhaps the answer could be found in the caverns to the northwest along the shore. Try the area around 40.2N 84.7W --at least that's where I saw the Tumeroks heading last. Beware, friend--it's quite likely to be well guarded. :I'd go myself, but I must catch up on my journal today. If you would like to read it, here are a few pages that I wrote the other day."
Bachus Flufens gives you Bachus Flufen's Journal.

Handing in Tumerok Spear

You give Bachus Flufens Tumerok Spear.
Bachus Flufens examines the spear intensely.
Bachus Flufens tells you, "Ah, so there was something to their story after all...what an interesting find! But look here...don't these slots along this side suggest that it is missing a part? I wonder if it lies over in the caves directly to the northeast? :For the past season I've been able to watch many Tumerok comings and goings here from my front porch. If you were to bring me back the object in its entirety, I'm sure I could reward you."
Bachus Flufens gives you Tumerok Spear.

Handing in Wooden Tumerok Figurine

You give Bachus Flufens Wooden Tumerok Figurine.
Bachus squints carefully at the figurine.
Bachus Flufens tells you, "I have never seen an artifact such as this before...some sort of Tumerok figurine? Ah...but it seems as if it is not in its entirety? Perhaps it should be married to another piece? If you bring me back the completed artifact, I will surely reward you!"
Bachus Flufens gives you Wooden Tumerok Figurine.

Handing in Aun Tanua's War Taiaha

You give Bachus Flufens Aun Tanua's War Taiaha.
Bachus gingerly lifts the weapon from your grasp and weighs it in her hands.
Bachus Flufens tells you, "A Tumerok War Taiaha! One of the first examples of Tumerok war craft I have ever seen. I must send this on to Aliester--he will be delighted to further his research on Tumerok culture. I thank you!"
You've earned 411,000 experience.
Bachus Flufens gives you Peerless Healing Kit.
Bachus Flufens gives you 2 Copper Peas.

Update History

Dark Majesty (expansion)
  • Quest introduced.

Pillars Made of Sand

Learning From Experience

  • XP reward increased from 10,000 (flat) to 411,000 (175% up to level 20).

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.
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