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Two heroes crept in lightless danks

Heavy-bearded Jailne and the gold-eyed Alaidain

Soldier-king of Haebrous; enchantress-empress of Yalain [1]
"Darkness can never be driven from the world, for it is part of the world. It only sleeps, and bides its time. We can but sing a lullaby by the light of a flickering candle, and watch for its wakening." - Alaidain, nearly 8500 years prior to the writing of the Standing Orders[3]
  • The Falacatot woman leading the way is Lady Adja's Grandmother[6]
  • Upon his death, Sarvien II he utters a prophecy from the Book of Eibhil, which Alaidain inscribes on Alaidain's Gem and she entrusts this gem to the wards of Ithaenc. Only monarchs of the Seaborne Empire may read these fateful words.[7][8]

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Alaidain's Gem



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Other references to Alaidain

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